Welcome to Universal Cafeteria!

Since our inception in 1995, we've brewed passion and quality into every cup of our coffee and infused taste and creativity into every dish we serve. Located conveniently in the heart of Sydney at UTS Building 6, we have become a cherished part of the daily routine for students and locals alike.


Who We Are

Welcome to Universal Cafeteria, your ultimate destination for exceptional dining experiences. For nearly three decades, we've been serving our community with a diverse menu that effortlessly transitions from early morning breakfasts to late-night dinners. Our philosophy is simple - deliver culinary excellence through a blend of quality ingredients, innovative recipes, and warm, friendly service. Whether you're stopping by for a quick coffee, a leisurely lunch, or a study break snack, Universal Cafeteria ensures every visit is more than just a meal - it's a moment to savor.

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why us

what makes us so special?

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1. Taste of Tradition

Since 1995, Universal Cafeteria has been a beacon of culinary delight in Sydney. Our recipes, perfected over decades, combine traditional flavors with innovative twists to provide a unique dining experience that is hard to find elsewhere.

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2. Versatile Menu

We believe that every time of day deserves its unique flavour profile. Whether you're looking for a hearty breakfast, a light lunch, a revitalizing morning tea, or an invigorating afternoon snack, our menu is tailored to suit all your cravings. We understand the varied tastes of our diverse clientele, and our menu reflects that understanding.

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3. Specialised Catering Service

We are not only your favourite café but also your trusted partner for catering services. From small social gatherings to large university events, we take the stress out of planning and leave you and your guests with an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Our dedicated team works closely with you to curate a catering menu that meets your specific needs and exceeds your guests' expectations.

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About us

About Universal Cafeteria

Since 1995, Universal Cafeteria has been more than just a cafe - we've been a second home, a study retreat, and a gathering spot for our beloved patrons. Our focus on quality, service, and innovation sets us apart. Step into our warm and welcoming environment and enjoy meals that are as comforting as they are exciting.

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About our coffee

What makes our coffee different?


We pride ourselves on our commitment to high-quality ingredients that yield flavorful dishes with every bite.


Exceptional service is our promise. Our friendly staff are here to make your dining experience enjoyable and memorable.


Our dynamic menu is a testament to our continual drive for culinary innovation, offering fresh, exciting choices.


Relax in our inviting atmosphere, designed to provide a warm and comfortable setting for every visit.


What our customers say about us

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“Simply delicious”

"The Universal Cafeteria is my go-to spot for a great meal. The food is always excellent, and the staff make you feel right at home."

Sophie Moore, Sydney
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“The best coffee”

"From the coffee to the lunch menu, everything I've tried at Universal Cafeteria is delicious. It's clear they use high-quality ingredients."

John Carter, SYDNEY
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“Great coffee and service”

"The staff at Universal Cafeteria are wonderful. They're always friendly, attentive, and make my dining experience delightful."

Lily Woods, SYDNEY