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Unveiling Universal Cafeteria

Forging Culinary Delights Since 1995 - Experience Exceptional Dining in a Comfortable, Welcoming Environment

Over 28 years in operation
Served more than 1 million cups of coffee
Delighted over 500,000 patrons
Curated over 100 unique menu items
Our story

Our Origin Story

Universal Cafeteria began in 1995 with a simple mission - to create a welcoming space where people could enjoy quality food and warm service. Our dedication to this mission has helped us grow into a beloved dining destination.

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We Can't Wait to Serve You

At Universal Cafeteria, we strive to make every visit a memorable one. Whether you're looking for a cozy spot for your morning coffee, a vibrant lunch setting, or a peaceful afternoon retreat, we're here to welcome you. Experience our innovative menu, friendly service, and inviting ambience today.

our values

what we believe in

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We don't compromise on our ingredients. Every dish is crafted with high-quality elements, offering you the best flavors.

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Our menu is ever-evolving. We keep experimenting and innovating to bring new, exciting dishes to your table.

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We believe in service with a smile. Our staff are committed to making your dining experience enjoyable and memorable.

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We provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making our cafe a comfortable space for everyone.

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We mindfully source our ingredients and strive to reduce waste for a healthier planet.

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We cherish our local community. Our cafe is a gathering place for friends, families, and even solo diners to feel at home.